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HiVision International procure, manufacture and distribute the highest quality products, worldwide. Leveraging our service capabilities allows us to deliver what you need, where you need it, whilst ensuring best value. From single, low value items, to multi-million dollar, bulk, time-sensitive orders; we deliver industry leading service and rates.

We do not reject any requirement; our team have delivered single espresso machines to war-zones and installed remote communication devices within some of the most remote and challenging regions. We have successfully completed some of the largest and most complicated logistics and procurement missions.

Our expert purchasing team and established processes ensure we offer sustainable, best-value, procurement for all products and services.

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Electronic & Computer Products

For over a decade we have been trading computers, computer-related products such as printers, as well as televisions, entertainment systems and much more. We offer unparalleled value.
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Through Sajaya, our software enterprise, we provide basic software suites through to custom software solutions for the most complicated projects. Our bespoke systems are used by esteemed organizations, including the U.N.
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Security & CCTV Products

We provide security systems; from simple security kits to complete, armed, facility protection solutions and airport/border control equipment. We stock a spectrum of equipment, from search wands to night vision CCTV.
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Radio & Telecommunication Systems

Guaranteed compliance on a full spectrum of products to support any clients needs. We identify and install the optimum systems for the environments of operation.
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Office Furniture

Whether a Headquarters or a remote site office, functional furniture is always critical. Stocking thousands of items enables us to furnish your needs.
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Home Furniture

Originally a service exclusively offered to property developers, we can now provide great value furniture for single properties. From beds to the kitchen table.
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Outdoor Furniture

Stylish, modern, high-quality furnishings for the most tasteful exteriors, and to suit all budgets. The luxury range is selected by our expert designers.
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Kitchen Equipment

We have provided kitchen solutions for remote base camps and 5 star hotels. Our experience and network ensures best design, products and price for the toughest of demands.
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Vehicle Sales

We cater for all vehicle requirements, from single family vehicles to armoured fleets, and for a broad range of clients. Our bulk purchasing and established relationships allows us to deliver exceptional value.
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Spare Parts

Whether our clients require a new bucket for an excavator, motor for a landcruiser or tyres for their entire fleet, we have been delivering everywhere, successfully, for over a decade.
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Consumer Products

With our global logistics capabilities we are the partner of choice for many agencies in austere locations looking to deliver a taste of home to their staff. We offer most leading brands.
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Construction Equipment & Materials

We provide the best equipment & materials for our clients' projects. We have provided everything; from cement in Afghanistan to excavators in Somalia.
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Doors & Windows

We stock and manufacture thousands of doors and windows, any design and size available due to our own, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jordan. Our products are shipped globally.
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Industrial Equipment

We appraise and broker industrial equipment, and bring the latest equipment to the attention of our clients first. Leveraged with our global logistics network enables us to acquire and ship anywhere.
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Clothing & Uniforms

We have designed and provided ethically sourced uniforms to some of the largest government service providers. No request is too small or too complicated for our team. Discover why our clients' choose us.
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Video Walls

No matter the purpose, our bespoke systems deliver exactly what our clients need. Our technology allows for virtually any size of video wall for any environment, and we offer installation and training globally.
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Solar Systems

We provide discounted, leading solar power systems. We install in any location world-wide, no-where is too austere. We have solar systems operating in conflict-zones and major cities.
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Base Camp Solutions

We specialize in identifying exactly which products are required for even the most comprehensive, security considered camps world-wide; and how to ensure delivery and installation.
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Medical Supplies & Equipment

We have delivered specialized, critical, medical products and frequent supplies to serve government missions in some of the most dangerous regions world-wide.
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Gym & Sports Equipment

We provide great value gym and sports equipment for a range of clients. Whether for a U.N gym in Afghanistan or a college in the U.A.E., we have the solution.


With our time sensitive requirements in such hard to access regions it is critical to have the support of a dependable partner. We found that with HiVision.
Your response to our time-sensitive equipment requirements in Kabul was above and beyond, and prevented down-time. We are very pleased with your services and will recommend you to our partners
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